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BSF Basic Seminar

Before a family receives a filter they need to come to a Basic Filter Seminar.

These Seminars are generally done in groups of 5 to 60 people and last between 3 and 4 hours. The seminars insure that there is a good understanding of Hygiene, Sanitation. Water Treatment Principles. We also incorporate the gospel message of Jesus Christ into the training. The seminars are participatory using large colored posters, include questions small groups and games.



Topics covered include;

  • Uses of Water,

  • Water,

  • Cycle,

  • How and Why we get sick,

  • How water is contaminated,

  • How your spirit is contaminated,

  • Treating Water,

  • Our Spirits, Maintaining Cleanliness,

  • Protection of our Environment,

  • Cost of Sickness,

  • Treatment, as well as Use and Maintenance of the Bio-sand Water Filter.

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WASH Education for Primary Schools

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Education for Primary school students is a course of 7 lessons each lasting between 1-2 hours. The curriculum is most effective when used with 4th or 5th grade students, but can be adjusted to nearly any age group. The lessons are participatory and involve activities. Small gifts relating to some of the lessons are provided to the students. The number of students per class is limited to between 25 and 30 to insure everyone can actively participate.

Bwana Tone, the water drop icon, is used as a friendly teacher in all of the lessons. The Seven lessons include the as following themes; Water is Life, Germs can make us sick, Wash Hands Frequently, Water is contaminated, Water can be Treated, Protect your Health & Environment. Your actions make a difference, How to brush your teeth, Bio-Sand Filter and how it treats water. Review is done in each session and a “test” given in the last lesson.

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Understanding Puberty

This is a series of 4 lessons each lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. Boys and Girls are taught separately.

Class size is generally limited to 30 students per class to better facilitate discussion and


The books “Growth Changes” by Marni Sommer and “To Become a Young Man” by
Marni Sommer, Samuel Likindikoko, Sylvia Kaaya and published by Aidan Publishers Ltd are used
as part of the curriculum.


The stories are read and discussed by the students in groups with facilitation by SON community educators. A film, narrated by Gwantwa Mwakalundwa MD and filmed by Empower Tanzania, is also shown and discussed. As funding allows, the girls are provided with reusable menstruation materials and taught how to make their own. The young men are provided with underweare and taught about proper personal hygiene. HIV/AIDs education can also be included which adds between 2 and 4 additional lessons.


Additional Seminars & Training

The seminars and trainings listed below are held upon request or as needed.

Most of these typically take between 3 days and 2 weeks. 

  •     Bio-Sand Filter Technician Training

  • ​​​ ​​   Bio-Sand Filter Project Implementation

  •     Training of Trainers for Bio-Sand Filter Basic Seminar

  •     Training of Trainers for WASH Education in Primary Schools

  •     Training of Trainters for Understanding Puberty

  •     Community Health Educators Training​

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